Photographing Jewelry – Tips and Techniques

photography-JEWELRY-catThe quality of photography of your jewelry pieces is a vital element of good web design. A terrific shot can make a simple pair of earrings an elegant statement while the same earrings in a poorly crafted photo can possibly relegate it to a ‘cheap, mass produced’ status, no matter how well made they are.

While many of us cannot afford to hire a professional photographer or purchase expensive equipment, there are easy, budget friendly steps you can take to capture the best of your lovingly crafted artwork. Read More »

How to Wire Wrap a Briolette

Laura Braken

Laura Braken

Briolettes are one of my favorite bead shapes but wire wrapping them can sometimes be a daunting task. Wrap them too tightly and the more fragile ones will break. Too loosely and they will look poorly constructed.

Learn how to wrap them properly in several different styles from the ‘Messy Wrap’, which is one I turn to time and again, to the standard wrap.

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Picking the Right Clasp for Your Jewelry

Saki Silver

Saki Silver

The clasp you choose for your hand made jewelry can make or break (literally) your piece.

A friend had made this gorgeous necklace with several designer hand blown glass beads but opted to finish it off with a cheap spring clasp. During a craft show the clasp BROKE with the weight of all those lampwork beads. She lost one of her prized beads as it went rolling off into Neverland. Lesson learned.

But how do you go about deciding on the right clasp for your project?

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Making Your Own Headpins

Andrew Thornton - Artist

Andrew Thornton – Artist

Making your own headpins is not only a great way to save some of the money you’d spend on ready made ones, but to get the perfect design to coordinate with your jewelry pieces.

Choosing a wire with the right gauge and hardness for your project is important and there are some ‘rules’ that I follow whenever I make my own headpins.

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Creative Jewelry Packaging ~ Earring Cards

AliceCardEarring Cards to Print and Use

I have a thing about creative jewelry packaging and presentation so I’ve been hard at work trying to come up with some creative and original ways to present my handcrafted pieces.

In the process, I usually leave a wake of designs that I think are pretty wonderful but just not a good match for my line.

I would love to  share those designs with you! Read More »

Miriam Rowe Jewelry Design ~ Taking Inspiration from History

Miriam Rowe JewelryA Master Silversmith Creates Jewelry Inspired by Historical and Vintage Designs

If your creative muse needs a little wake-me-up, look no further than these creative and very tactile works by silversmith and jewelry artist, Miriam Rowe.

She incorporates elements made from a modified plaster (which makes it quite durable, though not indestructible) and uses designs found in historical and vintage artwork. Read More »

Odd Jewelry Design Inspiration Challenge

An (just a tad) Outside-the-Box Creativity

Design InspirationApparently being the only jewelry artist in the world in a creativity funk, it got me thinking about different venues to explore to inspire me one direction or another.

What I decided on was to scour the internet and pick the first thing that catches my eye.   Now I don’t mean just artwork or other people’s jewelry designs, but also stories, news and even forums.

In a short time, I had several dozen places to go to for inspiration!  This quirky site is my first challenge…..

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